Sx+ with 100 % carbon offers the best speed, stability and smoothness that we have been able to shoot so far.

This is the best choice for archers seeking the ultimate limb for accuracy, speed, smoothness and arrow grouping, as well as shooting pleasure.

It benefits from a highly refined lay-up with thinner carbon plies.


The S-Curve profile makes the draw easy, smooth and a joy to shoot.


The Sx100 features a 100% carbon content that places a high priority on stability, speed, and low weight.

This limb is dedicated to archers seeking performance and higher scores.

The S-Curve profile makes the draw easy, smooth and a joy to shoot.


The S-Curve profile (S for Smoothness, Speed and Stability) combines the best attributes of our previous Curve and Xcurve limbs.


[1] Compared to previous Uukha limbs, the beginning of the draw has the same easy feel as the Curve profile.

[2] The end of the draw is as progressively smooth as in the Xcurve profile.

[3] Stored energy remains high, and speed is improved thanks to the limb’s overall design and construction.


Faster limbs improve accuracy especially in windy conditions, the lower trajectory means less time in the air, less wind drift, better sight marks and easier unmarked estimations at the longer distances.


Smoothness brings a pleasant comfort to your draw. This helps when shooting many arrows by helping you maintain proper technique, as if you were using a lower poundage bow.

Smoothness is a characteristic of the limbs’ profile and their draw force curve (DFC) at your draw length. Less slope means more smoothness.

The S-Curve’s smoothness is equivalent to that of the Xcurve, as the increase in poundage during the last inch of your draw is only about 3.5%.

The Curve’s smoothness is similar to that of smooth laminate limbs, with a 5% increase in poundage during the last inch of the draw.

Limbs which show a 6% or more increase in poundage for the last inch of draw are usually not considered to be smooth limbs.


Every archer seeks a stability which allows consistent arrow grouping. Stability comes from the limbs’ torsional stiffness. This acts at two levels: first, if your limbs resist torsion, it will be very difficult to apply torque to the riser, and your bow will remain in line; second, when the arrow accelerates, nock travel will be straigther resulting in better grouping.


We have upgraded our Monolith Carbon with new lay-ups, to reduce mass and stresses.

Monolith Carbon is a unique technology offering consistent performance, day after day, in all types of weather. It has proven to be more reliable and longer lasting than laminated construction.

Our limbs are made from many unidirectional tapes of prepreg carbon, moulded and fused together in CNC moulds. This makes our limbs light, strong and resistent to delamination.


A screwless design has enabled us to reduce the maximum thickness and mass weight.

NOTE: Uukha Formula adapters cannot be used with S-Curve limbs.



(Standard decal, matt varnish)


(Standard decal, glossy varnish)


(Minimal decal, matt varnish)

Weight 25.01 kg

66'' Special Order 2 to 6 weeks approx, 68''Special Order 2 to 6 weeks approx, 70''Special Order 2 to 6 weeks approx, 72''Special Order 2 to 6 weeks approx


24#, 26#, 28#, 30#, 32#, 34#, 36#, 38#, 40#, 42#, 44#, 46#, 48#


Standard decal, matt varnish, Minimal decal, matt varnish



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